by Christian Hergert

Container-oriented Terminal


Ptyxis is open source software licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3 or newer.

Container Support

Ptyxis supports many types of containers and makes them available right along-side your host operating system!

Currently that includes Toolbox, Distrobox, Podman, and JHBuild.


If it's really that good it better be accessible, right?

That is why we wrote support for the GTK 4 accessibility stack in VTE. Now all the GTK 4-based terminals can be accessible to everyone.

Robust Preferences

We get it, your terminal needs are extremely unique.

That's why Ptyxis will let you tweak everything from the color of your terminal to the shortcut for copy and paste. Compatibility modes are exposed in case you're 1990s Linux Guy.

Light and Dark Modes!

Ptyxis will automatically update your palette when Dark Mode is activated.

Dark all day? No worries, we got you covered.

Tab Overview

In case you have more tabs than fingers use the tab overview to quickly find that terminal.

They're even searchable!

Extremely Fast!

Ptyxis builds upon VTE to ensure this GPU-rendered toolkit has the features you need without feeling sluggish.

The first step in creating Ptyxis was to nearly double the peformance of the robust VTE library. It now renders on the GPU using either Vulkan or OpenGL all while supporting a long tail of features.

Integrated Inspector

Sometimes you need to figure out what the heck is going on with your terminal application.

No problem, use the integrated inspector to peek at that OSC hyperlinks, button press coordinates, and more!

Found a bug? File it!

If you run into issues, file an issue and we'll take a look!

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Get involved

Use Builder to contribute your own changes to Ptyxis!

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