by Christian Hergert

Explore the D-Bus


D-Spy is open source software licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL version 3 or newer.

System and Session Bus

D-Spy can connect to your system and user-session D-Bus to explore discoverable peers.

Additionally, you can provide the address of a specialized D-Bus and D-Spy will connect to it for further exploration!

Method Calls

You can provide parameters to your Remote Procedure Calls in the form of GVariant Text Format.

Call your methods and see the result even if they require interactive user-authorization by Policy Kit!

Read Properties

Simply double click a Property to see its current value!

Time Tracking

Sometimes you need to get an idea of how long a RPC takes to run. Use the timer at the bottom of the window to see min, max, and average execution times.

Found a bug? File it!

If you run into issues, file an issue and we'll take a look!

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Get involved

Use Builder to contribute your own changes to D-Spy!

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